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Generous DHS Robotics Donation

Today Cavin Peeler and Wayne Unruh from JoMax Pipeline Construction donated $15,000 to our Douglas High School robotics program. The school district is thrilled to accept this generous donation that will go directly to support our STEM program taught by Laramie McCullough. We appreciate the support of and partnership with JoMax Pipeline Construction. 
Cavin Peeler is the Integrity/Maintenance Manager, Wayne Unruh is the Business Development Construction Manager, and Mike Tooley is the Area Manager.
Photos are of Cavin Peeler giving a check to Jonathan Rodriguez, DHS student, and Cavin Peeler and Wayne Unruh with superintendent Paige Fenton Hughes, business manager Tracy Boner, DHS STEM teacher Laramie McCullough, DHS student Jonathan Rodriguez, and technology director Tony Witbrod.