Central Admin building

Schools closed through April 3, 2020

Hello Converse 1 families...
Thanks for your patience and support as we have considered the governor's and state superintendent's recommendation to close schools through April 3. Since we are on spring break, we have had some time to gather and consider all available information. We have met with state officials, countywide agencies and entities, and as district leadership. At this time, we have determined Converse County School District #1's schools will be closed through April 3. As per WHSAA directive, all activities and events including practices have been cancelled through April 6. As the rec center is a school building, it will be closed during this time as well. 
Here are plans for the upcoming days:
  1. Administrators will meet on Monday (using virtual means and practicing social distancing) to determine specifics about the following two weeks.
  2. Additional information for families will be sent out as soon as it is available after Monday. 
The district will be providing some meals for students through our nutrition services department. More detailed information about how this will be handled will be provided near the end of this week.
Information will go up on our websites (www.ccsd1.org) and social media accounts regarding academic resources to help students stay on track while not in school. These will not be required assignments, but we encourage parents to utilize the learning resources with your children and to read as much as possible. After Monday, March 23rd, parents can check our websites for updated information over the two weeks. The district will also provide information about how you can contact teachers for support. 
If students do not have a device at home, the district will likely have some available for check out. Again, this will go into effect next Tuesday, March 24th. Details will be provided.
We understand the drastic impact the closing of schools has on our families and our community, but in times like these we need to rely on the guidance and partnership of health care and other professionals. Our highest priority is to keep our students and staff safe and healthy. We so much appreciate the close partnership with our hospital, county, and city as well as other providers such as the Boys and Girls Club and Wyoming Child and Family. We appreciate the support of our families and our community as we grapple with the logistics of these decisions. 
Please follow the recommendations regarding COVID-19 including practicing social distancing, washing hands frequently, covering sneezes and coughs with a tissue or sleeve, and staying home as much as possible, especially if you are sick. Some of our staff will be working during these weeks, and we'll be practicing all precautionary measures.
The county has created a one-stop-shop link to resources at the following site: https://www.conversecounty.org/473/COVID-19
If you need something, please contact your school after Monday and we will do our best to provide support during this time. We are committed to being transparent and to providing the best information we have available to us. Please check our websites and our social media frequently over the next few days because, as mentioned above, this situation is ever changing. 
Stay healthy and safe...Paige Fenton Hughes, Superintendent