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Frequently Asked Questions about School Reopening

What options do families have for school this fall?

  1. In person learning at all schools in the district
  2. Adapted learning—online learning provided by Converse 1 teachers; same pace and same content as classrooms; Internet and device required
  3. Home school—curriculum provided by parents
  4. Other virtual provider—students enroll in another school district and receive online learning

Please know that we want all our kids to stay enrolled with us in Converse 1 whether in person or adaptively. We are dedicated to meeting the needs of our families. Go to information for parents about school options on the district webpage for more information.

Will the district provide Internet service and a device if we opt for Adapted Learning?

The district will provide a hotspot and service if it is available in your area. The district will provide one device per three students to begin with. If the district has more devices after each household has been given one, then more may be deployed.

What are the tiers of the reopening plan?

Tier IIn-person classes and activities, as appropriate. Minimal adapted learning on a limited, as-needed basis. Most students in school at the same time under the provisions of current health orders. Social distancing and face coverings to the greatest extent possible. Buildings open to all students. 

Tier II: Combination of in-person and adapted learning is required due to local or state health directives. Social distancing and face coverings to the greatest extent possible for those attending in person. Buildings open to some students. 

Tier III: School buildings closed to students due to local or state health directives or orders. School districts will follow provisions in the approved adapted learning plan. Buildings not open to students. 

What will determine what tier we are in?

There are no hard and fast metrics to determine movement between tiers. However, factors that will be considered are uncontrolled transmission within a school, transmission within a school that leads to transmission in the community, transmission within the community to the extent that transmission within schools can’t be prevented, severe illness among students and staff, healthcare capacity, and testing capacity.

Originally, the requirement was that if there is a positive case, the school would be closed for 2-5 days. But we are getting a little bit different guidance on that now. Each case will be considered individually. The factors that will be part of making a school closure determination are number of cases, exposure to other students or staff, the amount of community spread in Douglas, and the extent to which the school is taking appropriate precautions. Keep in mind that if a school has to close, that school will change to adaptive learning and still deliver instruction to students. Also, if students or staff are isolated or quarantined and feel well, they can access adaptive learning and keep up with their classes.

What will happen if a student or staff member tests positive for COVID-19?

If a positive case is identified in one of our schools, it will be reported to public health. In many cases, public health will know about the case before the schools, in which case they will contact the district to begin the process of contact tracing. In the process of contact tracing, they will try to determine the people the positive person has been in close contact with. Prolonged contact is defined as within six feet for more than 10 minutes. Those who are determined to have COVID-19 will receive an isolation order to stay home until they meet the criteria for release.

Those who have been in contact with a person who is positive for COVID-19 must stay home for 14 days, monitor symptoms, and seek testing.

Once the student or staff member has met the criteria for release from isolation—at least 10 days since the onset of symptoms, no fever for at least 24 hours without the use of any fever-reducing medication, and respiratory symptoms have diminished—they can return to school. Those under quarantine must stay home for the full 14 days, be symptom free, and not test positive for COVID-19 before they can return to school.

Here is a flier that provides information from the Wyoming Department of Health.

Will my student have to be screened every day before getting on school transportation or entering a school building?

Yes. The district is asking parents to screen their children at home by checking for a number of symptoms, monitoring potential exposure, and by checking temperatures daily. You can click here to read the guidance for families about daily screening. Always remember if you feel unsure, you don’t have a thermometer, or you just don’t want to screen your own children, we can do it at school. Just contact your school’s principal or nurse. Also, if your child is in a sport, she/he will be screened daily by school personnel as a requirement of the WHSAA.

Why does my student have to stay with a certain group of students as much as possible?

We are trying to limit the number of exposures to different people during a day. That reduces the chance of transmitting the virus and makes it easier to trace the contacts should a person test positive. It’s easier to cohort students at the lower grades. The students at Douglas High School will not be cohorted.

Will my student have to wear a face covering?

Yes. Students and staff will have to wear a face covering when six (6) feet of social distancing is not possible. We have tried to make provisions to allow as much social distancing as possible. But at times, face coverings will have to be worn. At one time, we had planned to use face shields/and or desk shields; however, those are not approved to replace the use of a face covering. They simply aren’t as effective. Because they were terribly expensive and would not replace a face covering, we have decided not to purchase them at this time. You can provide a mask or face covering for you student, or the school will provide one if you prefer.