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Positive COVID Cases-DIS and DHS

The school district was notified that a student at Douglas Intermediate School and a student at Douglas High School have tested positive for COVID-19. See the attached public notification. The Department of Health is completing the contact tracing at this time.

Assume if you do not get a call from the Department of Health, you or your child did not have contact with the positive case of the sort to require quarantine. There are parameters the contact tracers use, and casual or brief contact with a positive does not warrant a follow up by public health. Contacts of 15 minutes or more, especially without face coverings, will trigger a follow up if reported to or known to the contact investigators. Other types of contact will be considered on an individual basis. Understand as well that contacts of contacts (secondary contacts) are not contacted or quarantined. It’s vitally important that if you are contacted, you are honest with and cooperate with the contact tracers in order to keep staff and students safe.

Please don't call the school, as the school will not have information that can be shared regarding the positive case. The district will be as transparent as possible while protecting the privacy of our staff and students. Schools are taking all required precautions to mitigate the spread of coronavirus. We urge everyone in our community to follow health and safety guidelines.

Families, please continue to be vigilant in screening students at home and monitoring students' health. Please keep your kids home if not feeling well. Also, it’s important during this time to support those who are ill and those in quarantine. Let’s stick together as a community. Thanks so much for your cooperation and partnership.

You can find the procedures the district follows in the case of a positive COVID case on the district website.