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Seeking Nominations for Teacher of the Year and Everyday Hero of the Year!

Good morning Bearcat families…

Here is a quick COVID update and along with a request for your assistance with honoring our staff.

You may have noticed, we are not sending out weekly COVID updates anymore. Our numbers have been so low since the first of the year, and the information is available on the county emergency management website. We were just duplicating information that had already been made public. There have been a few questions about how long the COVID protocols in schools will last, and we received some guidance this week from the Wyoming Department of Education, in new orders from the state, and from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). The basic requirements for schools to remain in in-person learning have not changed, and we do not anticipate changes in the immediate future. Face coverings when not six feet apart, social distancing, enhanced hygiene and cleaning, staying home when sick, and contact tracing are all still required by both state mandates and the CDC guidance. In new state orders, the guidelines for how many people can gather together have been changed to allow more spectators at events. But please keep in mind, face coverings are still required for the entirety of a contest and spectators are asked to socially distance in the stands from those not in your immediate family. Recall as well that teams can be sanctioned by the WHSAA if fans do not follow the protocols. We are approaching culminating activities for our winter sports seasons, so even though our COVID-related numbers are looking positive, please continue to be vigilant and follow the regulations so our kids can complete their winter seasons.

I want to end with a big positive. This last year has been a trying time for our staff, students, and family, but we’ve been pretty darn resilient. We have many staff members who have stepped up and done extraordinary work on behalf of our kids, so the district is seeking nominations for Teacher of the Year and Everyday Hero of the Year. I am attaching the nomination links to this message. We encourage nominations for each of these awards so we can recognize the best of the best among our staff. The deadline for nominations is February 19. Please take the time to nominate someone on the district staff who has made a difference in the past year.

Here are the links:

Thanks so much for your cooperation and support…our partnerships with our families are what makes our district so strong. Happy Valentine’s Day! Keep safe and warm.