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Donate to the School Lunch Program

Attention Livestock Producers! Want a way to showcase your farming or ranching operation? You have opportunities to contribute to the Converse County School District #1 nutrition services department and ensure our students continue to get an awesome school breakfast and lunch!
  1. Donate an animal to be processed, and the meat will be used in school lunch menu items. You can donate one of your own animals, or you can purchase an animal at the county or state fair and donate it to Converse County School District #1. This ensures our kids get homemade menu options with local, Wyoming-raised meat! Please contact Monty Gilbreath, Nutrition Services Director, at 307.358.4158 to make arrangements.
  2. Donate the proceeds from the sale of an animal sold at Torrington Livestock to the school district Nutrition Services Department. It's easy! When you unload your animals at Torrington Livestock, just let the brand office know from which animal you wish to donate the proceeds to Converse County School District #1 in Douglas, and they will cut a check directly to the district. 
You'll get some positive publicity as your donations will be acknowledged on the School Nutrition Department's social media pages, on the school lunch calendars, and on the brand board in the rec center lobby. For several years our local livestock producers have been amazing about donating animals to the school lunch program. Your donations have made us the premier Farm to School program in the state of Wyoming. Now you have two ways to donate to the Nutrition Services Department and make certain our kids continue to get the best meals we can provide. Thanks for your generosity and for supporting our Bearcats!