Back of DUES building

No School in Converse 1-October 13, 2021

Good morning Bearcat families…

I am letting you know we will not be having in-person school at any of our schools today including our rural schools. Many roads are closed, and our maintenance team, despite being up most of the night, are having a hard time keeping the parking lots, sidewalks, and buildings cleared enough to be safe for students and staff.

New rules at the state level allow us to declare a virtual day today and not have to make up the day later in the year. Therefore, please have your students log in to their Canvas account. You may be receiving further information from your schools or teachers. If, for some reason, your student or students don’t have a device at home or don’t have an Internet connection, the work can be made up. However, we have to have a certain number of students login and be virtually present for the day to count, so please make every effort to have your kids login to Canvas and participate virtually.

We are under a blizzard warning until noon today, so please be safe out there…and thanks for your cooperation and support.

Paige Fenton Hughes, Superintendent