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CCSD1 Posts Excellent WY-TOPP Scores


Converse County School District #1 students scored near the top of all school districts on the new WY-TOPP statewide student assessment. Students in grades 3-10 take the test in ELA (English Language Arts) and math. Grades 4, 8 and 10 take a science test as well.

Compared to all school districts in the state, CCSD1 was 4th best in ELA and 6th best in math. Science scores were 18th best.

There are 19 total measures on the WY-TOPP and the district topped the state average on 18 of them. Douglas Middle School 7th and 8th grade scores were all in the top 10% in the state. Ten (10) of the 19 total measures in all grades were in the top 25% statewide.

According to Superintendent Paige Fenton Hughes, "this new statewide WY-TOPP assessment is an important measure of student performance, but it's not the only one. This is a brand new state test, so we are just establishing a baseline. These are very solid test scores that are testament to the hard work of our staff members and students. I am extremely proud of their efforts."

District goals are focused on growing every student academically and continuously improving results. Staff members will look at these results along with many other pieces of data to determine how we can even do better. Classroom teachers are continuously assessing the performance of their students and adjusting instruction so all students can be successful.