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January 2019 Board Highlights
The Converse County School District #1 School Board honored both a wonderful employee and a constant community partner at their January meeting. Cheyenne Morrison was recognized as the spotlight employee of the month. According to Penny Hawk, Director of Special Education, Cheyenne has been instrumental in the development and design of the new BEST Positive Behavior Intervention program now utilized across the district. She has also been an integral part of the development of the safety procedures implemented in the district, especially related to the threat assessment protocols. Cheyenne took on an additional case load, quickly built rapport with the students and families, and provided necessary guidance required from her position. She is a wonderful asset to the district. Thanks for your hard work and putting kids first in all your decision making!
Cheyenne Morrison Spotlight Employee
The board also recognized board member Tom Holt and the Memorial Hospital of Converse County for providing essential safety packs for emergency situations for every single classroom and office in the district. As part of the comprehensive upgrading of our crisis and safety plans, the committee recognized the need for emergency supplies. MHCC and Tom stepped up right away and provided the packs. Converse 1 so much appreciates this close partnership with the hospital that benefits our kids and staff.
Tom Holt, Bryan Kelley, Andrea Gilbert honor MHCC
December 2018 Board Highlights
Sandra Sorrell is in her third year of teaching the lower grades at Shawnee School. According to her principal, Chad Johnson, she believes in her students and has a growth mindset. Sandra has built a classroom atmosphere that welcomes, values and encourages each and every student. She works tirelessly to ensure that every student need is met and that her students are able to demonstrate success and improvement on a daily basis. Sandra is passionate about education. She is continually striving to better herself as a professional and is always looking to implement new instructional practices that are proven to have a high impact on student achievement. Congratulations to Sandra, who is the ultimate team member!
Judy Wallis, a nutrition services employee, was also honored by the school board for her help in preparing the school's chili recipe for the Fire On Main Street Chili Cookoff which the school board chili won! Couldn't have done it without your expertise and willingness to help out. Thanks so much to Judy!
The board elected new officers for the upcoming year. Brandon Gilbreath was elected chairman, replacing Brad Reese. Mark Horr will serve as the vice-chairman, Jenn Rinn as treasurer, and Jay Butler will continue to serve as the board clerk. Thanks to each board member for agreeing to serve as an officer. Also, three new members joined the board--Ryan Igo, Dax McCarty, and Shane Stinson. Welcome!
The board approved the school district goals which were developed by the board and the TABS committee, made up of members from each division and from each school. Here is a link to the district strategic plan--Roadmap to Excellence. Please check out the district goals about student achievement, continuous improvement, and working more effectively and efficiently. 
The district was awarded a $4700 grant from the Wyoming Department of Education to assist with the cost of processing donated animals for our food service program. We are leaders in the state in donations of meat through our Farm to Plate program. 
Leo Riley and Company presented the annual district audit. The district received a "clean" audit with no issues identified.

Douglas Middle School provided the art show--the students' perspective of the Polar Express. The kids wanted to fill the boardroom with holiday cheer. The train was a collaborative piece with sixth, seventh, and eighth graders working on the project. The display was a wonderful example of the following fine and performing art priority standards.

8.1.A.1 Students create and revise original art work.

8.1 A.3. Students analyze and use principles of design.

8.3. A.1. Students know, identify and compare the characteristics of works from various environments, eras and cultures. Thanks DMS students!

School Board Honors Teacher of the Year--Emily Haught

Emily Haught is an energetic and dedicated educator who works tirelessly to increase the proficiency levels of each and every one of her math students.  Her ability to create engaging and challenging lessons make her classroom one full of excitement and learning.  Furthermore, Mrs. Haught continues to build lasting relationships with her students and will extend her day to provide support in any means possible.

Emily not only teaches math at DMS, she also has served as the head middle school cross-country coach.  Due to her energetic personality and dedication to our students, Mrs. Haught has been able to recruit and encourage many kids to get involved in extra-curricular activities.  Such dedication has been represented by her ability grow the cross-county program each year. 

Not only is Emily Haught a valuable asset to our school, she is a vital member of our district and community.  She is a National Haught Family Honored by Principals Mackey and JohnsonBoard certified teacher who continues to learn and collaborate with her colleagues.  She has emerged as a leader in our building and district as represented by her willingness and determination to prioritize standards and develop meaningful assessments that measure student learning.  Congratulations to Mrs. Haught for she is more than deserving of this award. The best of the best 2018!

November 2018 Board Meeting Highlights

Mr. Tim Painter was the CCSD #1 Spotlight Employee of the Month. Mr. Painter serves as the music teacher at Douglas Primary School for kindergarten and first grade students and as the band teacher at Douglas High School. Tim is also responsible for the DHS marching band, pep band, and orchestrates kindergarten and 1st grade music concerts. 

Tim excels at creatively supporting students, as well as developing a love and understanding for music. His greatest gift is to see the possibility that lies in every student. Tim believes that all kids can succeed and deserve every possible chance to show their own special talent. Not only does Tim go above and beyond for students but he strives to maintain a positive attitude and sense of humor. His positivity and kindness is contagious; he is an outstanding role model for new and veteran teachers. The passion Tim has for the field of music is obvious through the energy and excitement you see in his eyes when working with small children in the music room or standing in front of the marching band. It is this excitement that motivates all students to find what they love and achieve their goals. Thank you Tim Painter for your hard work, time and energy – you make a difference every single day!

The recreation board approved Recreation Director Monty Gilbreath's recommendation to provide $20,000 along with the City of Douglas and Converse County to fund a special election for a new recreation center and associated costs.

During the regular school board meeting, the art display was provided by Douglas Intermediate School. Second grade projects included a cooperative line project where students learned the line is the basis of form and rollercoaster names project which continued the study of lines. An upcoming project will be creating large painted figures. Third grade projects included abstract names and abstract oil pastels.  While studying abstract art students transformed their representational names into abstract art. Students began by writing their names various abstract ways. Then they added color paying attention the placement of warm and cool colors. Students generalized their abstract knowledge create abstract oil pastel drawings. This was a challenging endeavor because the temptation for artists is to fill the space without any areas of emphasis. So we studied and applied the design principle emphasis. Both grades studied Picasso and created Picasso-style portraits. 

In October the school board held a retreat to receive information about the progress of the district, schools, and divisions toward performance goals and to discuss goals for the next year. The board reviewed the draft of those goals which will be approved in December. 

The board approved two student placement contracts, a call for bids for construction work to finish the upgrading of Douglas High School, and all the personnel recommendations as presented.

The board also approved a policy on procurement and read for the first time policies on Board Hearing Appeal Procedures; Rules of Practice Governing Hearing and Contested Cases; Prevention of Disease/Infection Transmission; Discipline, Suspension, and Dismissal of Classified Staff; Staff Welfare/Protection; Policy and Procedures on Service Animals in Schools; Communicable/Infectious Diseases;  Communicable/Infectious Diseases; Prohibited Assistance to Sex Offender.

The next meeting of the board will be December 11. Board members and superintendents from around the region will meet with local legislators on January 3, prior to the beginning of the legislative session.



October 2018 Board Meeting Highlights
Douglas Middle School physical education teacher, Drew Hodgs, was presented the Spotlight Employee of the Month Award at the regular meeting of the Converse County School District #1 Board of Trustees. Drew is beginning his fifth year as a Physical Education teacher at DMS and is entering his sixth year teaching and coaching within the district. He is also the offensive coordinator for the for the DHS football team.  According to DMS principal, Ryan Mackey, "Drew has acted as a leader both on the field and within the walls of DMS.  He can regularly be seen collaborating with his colleagues as well as constantly creating innovative and engaging PE lessons for all of his students." He works tirelessly to provide engaging lessons that are not only fun, but are activities that create many increased heart rates and red faces. No matter the hat Drew is wearing, whether it be a dedicated teacher, mentor, teammate, coach, or volunteer, he is positively interacting with our students and staff. All in all, our school, district, and community are fortunate to have an educator such as Drew. Congratulations!
The recreation board approved rec fund applications in the amount of $81,500 from six different community groups. The groups included Douglas Hockey Association, Little League Baseball, Converse County Waves, Boys and Girls Club, Douglas Community Club and Golf Course, and the Archery Club.
Douglas Primary School art teacher Ryan Stewart decorated the board room walls with student self portraits and beautiful vases fashioned after Van Gogh's work.The students worked hard to create a still-life image of a vase with flowers. They looked at and discussed the works of Vincent Van Gogh, most notably his series of vases and sunflowers. The students learned and pointed out how Van Gogh used his paint, brush work, and colors that create the painting style that was unique to his work. After learning about the artist they learned what a cool and warm color scheme was. They named a variety of cool and warm colors and then applied their chosen color scheme to a still life oil pastel drawing. In each still life they also added personal creativity to make it their own. In creating the self portraits the students learned about symmetry and then worked to create their own self portrait, including correct placement of facial features and the details that made the work look like themselves. This included the color tone of their skin, the color of their irises, the color of their hair, and any other detail they wanted to add to include their own ideas and creativity.
The board approved the fuel bid from Homax and discussed the upcoming Wyoming School Boards Association Conference in Casper slated for next month.
The following policies were approved on third reading:  DKC – Expense Authorization/Reimbursement; JICFA – Hazing, Bullying, Cyber Bullying and Harassment; JICFA-R – Hazing, Bullying, Cyber Bullying and Harassment Complaint Process; JKA – Restraint and Seclusion; and JKA-R – Discipline and Conduct. 
Policies regarding student discipline, physical restraint and seclusion, and student health programs were approved on second reading with a call for written comments by October 26, 2018 at 2:00 p.m.
All personnel recommendations for hires, extra duty contracts, transfers, and resignations were approved as presented.

September 2018 Board Meeting Highlights
Nicole Morrell was honored as the Spotlight Employee of the Month by the Converse County School District #1 Board of Trustees during their regular meeting on Tuesday night. She is a special education teacher at DIS/DUES. Nicole really loves the kids that she teaches each day, and the staff that she works with. This is apparent when you see the way she is able to interact with students and staff in a positive and meaningful way. She allows students to learn in a manner that is encouraging and non-threatening. Nicole has been a positive influence for staff and students, and a great employee and educator for our district. Thanks to Nicole for being that person who truly does WHATEVER IT TAKES!!
In regular business, the board approved on second reading policies about expense authorizations, hazing and bullying, restraint and seclusion of students, and discipline and conduct. Written comments on those policies will be accepted until 2:00 p.m. on September 28. The board also approved a few additional isolation requests for mileage reimbursement, and the bids on the used equipment were approved.
The board set the date of their fall retreat for October 22. At that time, the board will hear updates on the district, school, and department goals and will then begin the process of setting strategic goals for next year.
Penny Hawk, Director of Special Education, and Rochelle Wagner, coordinator of summer school, gave a report to the board and showed a video of summer school and STEM camp activities. Students in the summer programs showed an increase in academic proficiency and had some fun as well.
Each administrator gave a report out about the beginning of the school year reporting a positive start to the year as we welcome new staff and 32 new students to the district. 
Jay Butler will represent the board at the Wyoming School Boards Association Delegate Assembly in November. Jay will have a chance to weigh in on any resolutions brought before the assembly for their approval. The board also approved overnight trips students will be taking throughout the year, an operating MOU with the Douglas Boys and Girls Club, and a lease agreement with Wyoming Child and Family. The board also called for fuel bids by October 4 at 2:00 p.m.
All personnel recommendations were approved as presented including after school personnel (SWAG) and extra duty contracts for clubs and sponsorships.
The rec board reviewed the fall and winter activities offered for kids and adults in our community.
August 2018 Board Highlights
The Converse County School District #1 Board of Trustees met on August 14th for their regular meeting. 
The recreation board approved a call for recreation funding for the upcoming year. Applications for funds from the rec board must be submitted by September 24. 
The board recognized Kristi Ortega who was chosen from a number of nominees to be the Food Service Employee of the Year for the State of Wyoming. Congratulations to Kristi for this honor.
Policies on hiring procedures and evaluation of certified and classified staff as well as discipline for classified staff were approved on third reading. The high school activities handbook was also approved on third reading. 
Quill got the district paper bid for a little over $26,000, and the board appointed a crisis team consisting of members from each building and community entities as well. Assistant Superintendent Andrea Gilbert and Maintenance Director Mitch Johnson co-chair the committee.
All isolation mileage requests that have been submitted thus far were approved by the board as was the electrical service agreement. Special Education Director Penny Hawk was named Consolidated Grant Coordinator.
The agreements with NEW BOCES for the FAST program for pre-school kids and the BASE alternative suspension program were approved for the upcoming year.
All personnel recommendations were approved including new hires and spring extra-duty contracts. 
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