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The curriculum and instruction department strives to provide effective support to principals and teachers in developing a K-12 curriculum that is aligned to rigorous state content and performance standards and provides equitable learning opportunities for every student.

District curriculum maps provide a blueprint of what students should know and be able to do in every content area and at every grade level. The maps also provide a basis for collaborative conversations among teachers about ensuring a high quality education for all students.

The curriculum and instruction team provides support to principals and teachers to ensure high-yield instructional strategies are implemented in classrooms throughout the district.

Locally developed common assessments and statewide assessments form the basis of a comprehensive district assessment system which measures the progress of every student toward mastering the state content and performance standards.

A district professional development plan is aimed at providing training and support to all employees of Converse County School District #1. Every employee of the district is an integral part of creating an optimal learning environment across the system.

Children in class with teacher