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Lunch Prices



Monty Gilbreath - Food Service Director
Kristy Ortega - Food Service Manager

On behalf of CCSD#1 Food Service Department, welcome back! We are looking forward to serving you tasty and nutritious meals during the 2020-2021 school year. Listed below are the current breakfast and lunch prices.

Value Prices:
Primary & Intermediate Breakfast Lunch
Students $1.70      $3.15
Reduced $0.30      $0.40
Adults $2.15      $4.15

Middle & High School Breakfast Lunch
Students $1.75      $3.45
Reduced $0.30      $0.40
Adults $2.15      $4.15

A value reimbursable lunch consists of one entrée, one side dish, a vegetable or fruit, and one milk. It also includes unlimited selection(s) from the all you can eat salad bar. Anything purchased in addition to a value reimbursable meal will be charged at the value ala-carte price point. If a value reimbursable meal is not selected the higher ala-carte pricing will be charged. If your child qualifies and is approved for Free & Reduced Lunch and they purchase ala-carte items they will be charged at the value price point. The following are the ala-carte prices:

Value Entrée $1.50      Entrée $2.25
Value Side $1.00      Side $1.35
Value Milk $0.75      Milk $1.05

Free and Reduced Lunch Applications:
Converse County School District #1 recognizes that healthy, nutritious meals are an important component to student readiness and ability to learn. Remember to ask the school office for a free and reduced meal application. Many families have qualified that didn’t think they would. Also, please submit only ONE application per household. Applications are accepted throughout the school year and are located at each school office and Central Office.

How to apply for Free and Reduced Meals:
Families eligible for free or reduced price meals, need to submit a free and reduced meal application. The Central bookkeeping department will be available to assist in completion and submitting the free and reduced application. An application must be submitted for each school year.

Low/Negative Lunch Accounts:
The district’s Nutrition Services Department is an “enterprise fund” and shall not have a negative balance at the close of the fiscal year. Unpaid charges place a financial strain on the Nutrition Services Department and on the district’s operating budget. To be fair and equitable and in order to ensure compliance of all who participate in the school meal program, this policy establishes procedures for methods of payment, methods of contact and collection methods for unpaid lunch balances. The Nutrition Service Department establishes the following goals: • To establish a consistent district policy • To treat all students with dignity at all times • To ensure all families have the opportunity to fill out the Wyoming State Free and Reduced lunch application. • To encourage parents/guardians to assume the responsibility of payments while supporting positive interactions with students. • To insure all students have access to the healthy meals they need on a daily basis.

If your child’s lunch balance reaches $5.00, parents/guardians will receive a courtesy automated phone call reminder of your child’s account balance. Once that balance is at or below $0.00, parents/guardians will be contacted by an automated weekly phone call, text message and email letting you know your child’s account has a negative lunch account balance. Parent/Guardians action must be taken. If that balance is (-) $75.00, you will be notified by a certified letter to the address that is on file with the Central Bookkeeping office. You must then contact Central Bookkeeping at 307-358-2942 to make arrangements for payment. If there no response within 30 days of the certified letter, Converse County School District #1 will pursue the collection process.

Blocking Charges:
Should a parent/guardian wish to prevent a student from purchasing items from our department, a signed letter is required. This letter must be turned in to your child’s Hot Lunch Cashier, or Office Secretary.

Methods of Payment: We encourage parents/guardians to prepay student accounts whenever possible. Payment may be made in the form of; • CASH • CHECK • ONLINE @

Online payments take a few days to post to the account. There is a fee from which the Nutrition Services Department does not profit.

Accounts that have received an NSF (non-sufficient funds) check, will be changed to a cash only account. The business office will attempt to re-deposit the check one time and will notify the responsible party of the NSF check. All account balances, both positive and negative, will carry over to the next school year. Full payment is expected for all negative account balances at the end of the school year.

Our goal is to satisfy both the students and parents. Your communication is a valued tool in allowing us to complete our mission. If you have any questions or comments regarding the food or the service please contact the main kitchen office at 358-4158.

Monty Gilbreath
Food Service Director