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Unpaid Meal Charge Policy

11/12/2019  Print
Title: Unpaid Meal Charge Policy  
Summary: Unpaid Meal Charge Policy  
  Revised: 11/12/2019
Revised: 10/8/2019
Adopted: 8/8/2017

Code: EFDA


Converse County School District #1 recognizes that healthy, nutritious meals are an important component to student readiness and ability to learn.

This policy shall be included in Back to School letters, student handbooks, the CCSD1 website, and provided to any family joining our district during the course of the school year.

General nutrition requirements state “Schools must provide nutritious and well-balanced meals to all the children they serve”. Converse County School District will not deny any student access to school lunch or breakfast.

However, the district’s Nutrition Services Department is an “enterprise fund” and shall not have a negative balance at the close of the fiscal year. Unpaid charges place a financial strain on the Nutrition Services Department and on the district’s operating budget.

To be fair and equitable and in order to ensure compliance of all who participate in the school meal program, this policy establishes procedures for methods of payment, methods of contact and collection methods for unpaid lunch balances.

The Nutrition Service Department establishes the following goals:
• To establish a consistent district policy;
• To treat all students with dignity at all times;
• To ensure all families have the opportunity to fill out the National School Lunch Program free and reduced lunch application;
• To require parents/guardians to assume the responsibility of payments while supporting positive interactions with students ;
• To ensure all students have access to the healthy meals they need on a daily basis.
Methods of Payment:
We require parents/guardians to prepay student accounts.
Payment may be made in the form of:
• ONLINE AT: myschoolbucks.com. Online payments take a few days to post to the account. There is a fee from which the Nutrition Services Department does not profit.
Accounts that have received an NSF (non-sufficient funds) check, will be changed to a cash only account. The business office will attempt to redeposit the check one time and will notify the responsible parent/guardian of the NSF check. All positive balances, will carry over to the next school year. Full payment is required for all negative account balances at the end of the school year.

How to apply for free and reduced meals:
Families eligible for free or reduced price meals, need to submit a free and reduced meal application. Applications are accepted throughout the year and are located at each school office, the Central office, and online at ccsd1.org. The Central bookkeeping department will be available to assist in completion and submitting the free and reduced application.

An application must be submitted for each school year.

Low balance notification policy:
When a student account reaches $5.00 or under, parents/guardians will receive a phone message, text message, and email through School Messenger, each week until the account is brought above $5.00. If School Messenger notifications are blocked, you won’t receive ANY messages from the school district.

Negative balance notification policy:
When a student account reaches a negative balance of $25.00, schools will initiate a parent contact. If the negative balance reaches $75.00, school principals will send a letter and/or email to the students’ parent/guardian. Should a student account reach a negative $100.00 balance, parents/guardians will receive a certified letter. The balance will be due within 30 days of the date on the letter. Once the lunch balance reaches a negative $250, the student will no longer be eligible to charge lunch. To resume lunch charging privileges, the negative balance must be paid in full, and the current account balance must be at least $40.00.

The Collection Process:
If parent/guardians do not respond within 30 days of the certified letter, and balance due is greater than $250, Converse County School District 1 will start a collection process by turning the account over to a collection agency. If balance owed is over $250, collection agency will sue for collection at the end of the school year.

Blocking charges:
Should a parent/guardian wish to prevent a student from purchasing items from our department, a signed letter is required.

Leaving the District:
Payment of any lunch balance due is required when leaving the district. Any funds not claimed within one (1) year will become the property of Converse County School District.

• Upon checkout, remaining funds can be transferred to any sibling account. If no siblings, parents/guardians address is needed.
• Check for remaining balance will be mailed after board approval.
• No cash over $10.00 will be returned at senior check out.
• Per State Statute WS:24-4-308, credit shall not be deemed earned until the indebtedness due to unpaid lunch balances is paid.