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Animal Bus Numbers



All buses will be identified by an animal character and a bus number to help

students find the correct bus safely.


  1   Turtle image of turtle
  3   Bird image of a bird
  4   Alligator image of alligator
  6   Elephant image of elephant
Boys and Girls Club Boys and Girls Club logo
  Giraffe image of giraffe
  11   Bunny image of bunny
  13   Octopus image of octopus
  14   Penguin image of penguin
  15   Starfish image of a pig
  16   Whale image of a whale
  17   Horse image of a horse
18 Buffalo buffalo picture
  19   Rooster image of a rooster
  20   Butterfly image of a butterfly
  22   Kangaroo image of a kangaroo
29 Walker Creek Walker Creek suburban animal logo