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Student Placement


CCSD #1 Student Placement Process


Online DPS Student Placement Form (K-1st grade)


Online DIS and DUES Student Placement Form (2nd-5th grade)



It is our goal to have all students in instructional settings that will allow them to learn at a high level in a safe, secure and supportive environment. Classrooms are heterogeneous in their makeup. This means each class has a wide variety of talents, abilities, and interests. A well-balanced classroom is in everyone’s best interest. It is also our intent to match teacher strengths to student needs and talents.



Several variables are used which affect the assignment process. Variables include: input from current teacher and parents, academic performance, work habits/study skills, daily level of performance, peer relationships, and special considerations. Grade level teams will work to place students into classrooms (not with specific teachers). Our counselor and other staff, such as our specials teachers, will also provide information on placements. Finally, the Principal makes the final decision on classroom placements and teacher assignments.



Some of the criteria used to influence classroom placement:

  • Levels of academic progress and performance
  • Degrees of self-directness and independence
  • Class size
  • Peer interactions
  • Parent input on student’s learning
  • Other, special considerations for individual students


Parent Input:

Information received from the parent input form is used to assist with the placement process (located on the back of this sheet). Parents provide information about their student. The information on this form, as well as the input from the teachers, is used to establish a positive learning environment for the upcoming school year. We appreciate parent input about student needs and characteristics. Placement in a specific classroom is not guaranteed.



Parent input forms are due May 1, 2019 by 4:00 pm. After May 1st parent input forms will be used in the placement process. Students will visit their assigned classroom the last day of school. Placement letters will be sent with the 4th quarter report card. An open house will take place prior to the start of the new school year.