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District Continuous Improvement

Converse County School District #1 is committed to the process of system-wide continuous improvement. We are always looking for ways to improve our professional practices to better serve every student. The continuous improvement process is driven by the AdvancED framework, the indicators of the Wyoming Accountability in Education Act (WAEA), and the district’s goals. Those goals are informed by current data which are reviewed every year by a representative group of system stakeholders and adopted by the school board. The district’s purpose statement overarches the continuous improvement process and serves as a way to align our schools and operations divisions under a common umbrella. The process of working toward a common set of goals and reporting out the results of the improvement efforts in a transparent fashion forms the basis of a strong and supportive partnership between the district and its patrons.

You are invited to review the district purpose statement and goals as well as delve into the improvement goals of your child's school. You can access the district's past and current accreditation reports. The progress the district, schools, and operations divisions are making toward meeting their annual goals can be found in the school board reports. Thank you for your interest in reviewing the district's efforts to serve every student's needs.  

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