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8/9/2016 Print
Title: Board-Superintendent Relationship  
Summary: Board-Superintendent Relationship  
  Revised: 8/9/2016

Code: BDD


The Board believes that the legislation of policies is the most important function for the school board and that the execution of the policies should be the function of the superintendent.

Delegation by the Board of its executive powers to the superintendent provides freedom for the superintendent to manage the schools within the Board’s policies.

The Board holds the superintendent responsible for the administration of its policies, the execution of Board decisions, the operation of the internal machinery designed to serve the school program, and for keeping the Board informed about school operations and problems.

The Board shall strive to procure, when a vacancy exists, the best professional leader available for the chief administrative post. Then, the Board as a board and individual members shall:

A. Give the superintendent full administrative authority for properly discharging his/her professional duties, holding him or her responsible and accountable for the results;

B. Act upon matters of employment or dismissal of school personnel only after receiving the recommendation of the superintendent.

C. Hold all meetings of the Board, including executive sessions, in the presence of the superintendent except on matters where there is a conflict of interest, or when his or her contract and salary are under consideration.

D. For those complaints concerning the school district and not the superintendent, refer all such complaints to the superintendent for administrative solution or recommendation prior to Board discussion and action.

E. Strive to provide adequate safeguards for the superintendent and other staff members so that they may discharge their educational functions on a thoroughly professional basis.

F. Present personal criticism of any employee directly to the superintendent.