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6/12/2018 Print
Title: Memorials/Honoraria  
Summary: Memorials/Honoraria  
  Revised: 6/12/2018

Code: FFA


The Board will consider the acceptance of memorials in honor of persons who have special significance to the students and staff of the school district. These memorials should be student centered and require no additional maintenance cost to the district. Living memorials are discouraged. Rooms and facilities will not be named after individuals unless the primary funding for that facility comes from the donor. A minimum waiting period of 6 months is required before the establishment of a memorial.

Acceptable memorials include:
a) Specific memorial scholarships, submitted to the superintendent along with information concerning the purpose of the memorial and administration of the scholarship fund.
b) Donations to perpetual scholarship funds.
c) Donations of equipment or supplies to specific buildings must be submitted to the superintendent. Items received become the property of the school district. Memorial plaques may be attached to the equipment at the donor’s expense if appropriate.

The Board will also consider certain honoraria for persons who have made long-term or significant contributions to the district or schools. The nature of the honor should be such that it requires no additional maintenance or cost to the district. If there is an initial cost for the honorarium, it must be borne by an entity outside the district.