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6/12/2018 Print
ID: HA-R  
  Revised: 6/12/2018

Code: HA-R


The intention of this regulation is to provide a unified team effort of all employees and the Board of Trustees. The following guidelines will allow fair representation and full knowledge concerning salaries and benefits. Providing increased communication throughout the school district will help retain staff.

The negotiating unified team committee shall consist of:
1. Classified Staff – Three (3) members will serve and shall be elected by all classified staff with one member serving as Chairman.
2. Certified Staff – The Douglas School Board of Trustees recognizes the Douglas Education Association (DEA) as the representative of all certified staff in the bargaining process. Three (3) members will serve with two (2) Certified DEA members being elected by all certified staff with the DEA President serving as the third (3rd) member and Chairman.
3. School Board of Trustees – Three (3) members will serve and shall be appointed by the Board Chairman with one member serving as Chairman.
4. Administrative Staff – Three (3) members will serve and shall be elected by all administrators and directors with one member serving as chairman.
5. Resources – Shall be determined as needed and called in for additional information pertaining to issues brought to the IBN committee.
6. Observers - Their presence shall be unlimited while their duty is to watch and learn the process.

The selection of this committee shall be completed annually no later than 15th of January.

This committee shall function throughout the year and meet as necessary and as agreed upon by the Chairmen and members.

Prior to any meetings, the chairmen will establish agenda items and provide written notices.

Full consensus is needed by this committee to bring forth any proposed actions concerning salary and benefits. Proposals shall be presented to all staff outside of this committee and written concerns will be solicited. The chairmen shall gather, collaborate and respond to all concerns.

The Board will negotiate for the purpose of reaching agreements that are consistent with the U.S. Constitution and laws of the State of Wyoming. The Board shall retain its authority to determine policy and set the terms and conditions of employment. Any agreements reached through the negotiations process will not impair any legal responsibilities of the Board, which may be constitutional, common-law, statutory, or traditional duties or responsibilities of the Board to organize or manage its structure, perform its functions or operations, or determine its policy. These sole and exclusive duties will not be abridged. Accordingly, if any provision of an agreement reached through the negotiations process or any application of such an agreement will be found contrary to law, such provision or application will have effect only to the extent permitted by law.