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12/10/2019 Print
Title: Voting Method  
Summary: Voting Method  
  Revised: 12/10/2019

Code: BEDF


Votes shall be taken by voice or a show of hands. All actions taken or motions passed or denied in Board meetings shall be recorded as unanimous votes except, that, at the request of any member, the chairman shall call the roll and the yeas and nays shall be recorded.

To pass, any motion must receive an affirmative vote from a majority of the total elected number of school trustees.

The chairman of the board shall vote on all issues before the Board.

Members must be physically present at board meetings to vote on agenda items or must be available via telephone conference system which enables the Board member to take part in all discussions concerning an agenda item and hear all comments by all Board members and/or other persons permitted to speak on an item and all other Board members must be permitted to hear any comments or discussion of the Board member not present. Participation in this manner is discouraged and should be done only in exceptional cases.

It is the right and duty of every member of the board who has an opinion on an issue to express it by his or her vote.

If a member announces a conflict of interest with regard to the issue before the Board, the member may leave the meeting until voting on the issue is concluded. The conflict will be noted in the official minutes of the meeting and the member will be recorded as having abstained on the issue.

When a tie vote exists on a motion, the motion will be declared to have failed.

All action taken, or motions passed or denied, shall be recorded as either passed (motion carried) or denied (motion failed) unless a roll call vote is requested by any member, in which event the chairman shall call the roll and votes will be recorded in the minutes of the meeting by indicating the name of the Board members voting “aye” and the name of the Board members voting “nay”.