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3/9/2021 Print
Title: Budget Planning and Adoption  
Summary: Budget Planning and Adoption  
  Revised: 3/9/2021
Revised: 1/6/2015

Code: DBC


Budget Preparation

Budget preparation for the district will be an integral part of program planning so that the annual operating budget may effectively express and implement all programs and activities of the school system. Budget planning and preparation will be year-round, involving broad participation of administrators, and staff who will need material, supplies, equipment, or services throughout the school year.

The superintendent will have overall responsibility for budget preparation, including the construction of and adherence to, a budget calendar. Administrators will develop and submit budget requests for their school or department after seeking advice and suggestions of staff members.

The budget requests will reflect the administrator’s judgment as to the most effective way to use resources in achieving progress toward educational goals of the school district.

The Municipal Budget Act of Wyoming requires that the budget office shall, by May 15 of each year, submit to the School Board a schedule of the proposed expenditures for the ensuing fiscal year.  This presentation should be provided in sufficient detail and include the recommendations for the budget officer to enable the members of the Board to evaluate the requests.

A summary of the annual budget demands should be entered upon the minutes of the School Board and direction should be given to the budget officer for drafting the school district’s annual budget.

A public hearing and official adoption by the School Board is regulated by the Municipal Budget Act and other enacted legislation.  A notice announcing a public hearing of the school district budget shall be published at least once in a daily or weekly newspaper appearing at least one week before the public hearing.  This public hearing for the annual school district budget shall be scheduled no later than the third Wednesday in July.  It is the duty of the School Board to provide accommodations for interested persons to view the presentation of the budgets, and to receive questions and responses from the interested persons.

The formal adoption of the annual school district budget shall be completed by the Board of Education within twenty-four hours of the conclusion of the public hearing.  A copy of the budget document shall be forwarded to the County Commissioners and the State Department of Education.

The Board will give careful consideration to the budget, and review allocations for fairness and for their consistency with educational priorities of the school system.