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4/13/2021 Print
ID: DI  
Title: Fiscal Accounting and Reporting  
Summary: Fiscal Accounting and Reporting  
  Revised: 4/13/2021

Code: DI


The superintendent shall be ultimately responsible for properly accounting for all funds of the district and for the preparation of reports and statements required by the State Examiner’s office and the State Department of Education.

The accounting system that is used shall conform with requirements of the State Department of Education and to good accounting practice, providing for the appropriate separation of accounts, funds, and special moneys.

The business manager will prepare a financial statement which will be presented to the Board each month. This report will be prepared in the form prescribed by the Board. It will show the amount budgeted in each budget category, the amount expended to date, and the remaining unexpended balance. The statement will also show the unencumbered bank balance. A list of bills and salaries for Board approval will also be presented. At the request of the Board, a more detailed breakdown of any budget category may be requested and provided.

Other financial statements, as determined necessary by either the Board or the superintendent, shall be presented as found desirable.