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10/9/2018 Print
Title: Expense Authorization / Reimbursement  
Summary: Expense Authorization / Reimbursement  
  Revised: 10/9/2018

Code: DKC


Personnel and district officials who incur expenses in carrying out their authorized duties will be reimbursed upon submission of a properly filled out and approved voucher and supporting receipts required by the business office.

These expenses may be incurred and approved in line with the budgetary allocations for specific types of expenses.

Expenses for travel will be reimbursed when the travel has the advance authorization of the Board or the superintendent. The superintendent may grant this authorization without prior Board action when the travel expense has been anticipated and incorporated into the operational budget of the program involved.

Mileage and per diem will be paid at a rate authorized by the Board and within the limits established by current IRS guidelines.

Reimbursement for driving your own car can only be made if no school vehicle is available for your use.

Expenditures for group refreshments for employee or guest consumption at school related functions shall be made only on administrator approval. Public funds may not be used for personal gain.

Persons who travel at school expense will exercise the same economy as a prudent person traveling on personal business and will differentiate between expenditures for business and those for personal convenience.

The District will pay the full expense of a meal when it is determined that the meal was an integral part of a meeting or when it is judged that to adjourn for a meal would cause an undesirable interruption to a meeting.

The determination of the need for the District meal shall be the responsibility of the Superintendent of Schools or his designee. The administrator in charge of the meeting shall advise the business office in writing, if approval for the meal has been obtained.

The cost of the meals charged within the District boundaries or on trips of one day or less duration shall be added to the pay records of the employee as additional income. (See Internal Revenue Code 162(a)).