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Title: Rules and Regulations  
Summary: Rules and Regulations  
  Converse County School District #1
Douglas, Wyoming


I certify that the attached is a true and correct copy of the rules and regulations of Converse County School District #1 relating to the Wyoming School Board and Converse County School District #1 Board’s Policy Manual, adopted in accordance with Section 21-1-26(a) of the statutes and Accreditation-Evaluation Process for Wyoming Public Schools, August 1973. This rule supersedes all other rules previously filed. If the contents of this manual or its updates are ever to be found in conflict with state law, the provisions of the statutes will prevail.

Prior to adoption this rule was made available for public inspection on, and all notices of intended adoption were mailed to all persons requesting notice of proposed rules.

The attached rules are effective immediately upon filing with the County Clerk.

Signed this day of June 9, 1998.

Clerk, Board of Trustees