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6/8/2021 Print
Title: Gifted and Talented Education  
Summary: Gifted and Talented Education  
  Revised: 6/8/2021
Reviewed: 05/2014

Code: IHBB


The District strives to meet the educational needs of all students. In meeting this concept, the District recognizes the unique characteristics of gifted students and further recognizes the need to develop special activities to respond to their individual abilities and competencies. The support of parents as partners with educators will be enlisted to assist with the education process for gifted students.

The District will therefore provide educational activities for gifted and talented students that may include the following:

• A plan for the definition and identification of gifted and talented students;
• The provision of enrichment activities to meet their special educational needs; and
• A plan for the training of staff and parents that focuses on meeting the unique needs of these students.

The school district will strive to identify these students and make available appropriate educational opportunities.

The Board of Trustees is committed to the philosophy, design and implementation of educational programs that will assist gifted and talented students to develop their full potential.