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5/12/2020 Print
Title: Graduation Requirements  
Summary: Graduation Requirements  
  Revised: 5/12/2020
Revised: 4/10/2018

Code: IKF


It is the central purpose of Converse County School District No. 1 to help all students reach their potential capacity and to help them grow toward mature citizenship. Through a secondary school experience, each student is encouraged to develop and maintain the role of a lifelong learner.

Graduation requirements are minimum requirements. Students are expected to be active in educational endeavors that take them beyond the minimum.

Each prospective graduate must accumulate 24 credits, (on a system in which ½ credit is given each semester in all subjects). No student shall be awarded a diploma from Converse County School District No. 1 Douglas High School unless the student has successfully completed the following components, as evidenced by passing grades or by the successful performance on competency-based equivalency examinations:
4 credits of English
3 credits of mathematics
3 credits of science
3 credits of social studies, including history, American government, and economic systems
and institution.
1 credit of physical education
½ credit of fine arts
½ credit of practical arts
½ credit of health
½ credit of technology education
½ credit of financial literacy
(which does not count as a practical art)
7.5 elective credits