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12/10/2019 Print
Title: Admission Procedures  
Summary: Admission Procedures  
  Revised: 12/10/2019
Adopted: 2/10/2015

Code: JFA


The public schools of this school district shall be free and accessible to all children resident within the school district who are at least five (5) years of age and under the age of twenty-one (21) subject to such regulations as the Board of Trustees may prescribe, specifically including, but not limited to, immunizations requirements.

Parents will be required to furnish documentary evidence of the birth date of their child at the time of enrolling their child in kindergarten or first grade.

Every student attending, full or part-time, any class, shall within thirty (30) days after the date of school entry, provide to the appropriate school official written documentary proof of immunization. For purposes of this section, documentary proof of immunization is written certification by a private licensed physician or his representative or by any public health authority, that the student is fully immunized. Documentation shall include month, day and year of each required immunization received against vaccine-preventable disease as designated by the state health authority. No administrator shall permit a student to attend school for more than thirty (30) calendar days without documentary proof of immunization. If the immunization requires a series of immunizations over a period of more than thirty (30) calendar days, the child shall be permitted to attend school while receiving continued immunization pursuant to a written schedule specified by the student's physician or a public health official. Waivers of this requirement shall be authorized by the state or county health officer upon submission of written evidence of religious objection or medical contraindication to the administration of any vaccine.

The written documented proof of immunization on a form provided by the state health officer shall be an integral part of the child's school records.

Students transferring to this school district shall provide a full and complete copy of educational records or a release for the school district to obtain educational records, specifically including transcripts as the administration deems necessary to appropriately place the student and prepare an appropriate educational plan.