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2/11/2020 Print
ID: KF  
Title: Community Use of School Facilities  
Summary: Community Use of School Facilities  
  Revised: 2/11/2020

Code: KF


The public school facilities are provided by the people in order that the youth of the community may receive the benefits of a sound educational program. School facilities should not be used for personal or commercial activities, but instead the use of school facilities should demonstrate a benefit to the school. The use of school facilities by the patrons of the district is encouraged whenever this use is not in conflict with school activities.

To accomplish this objective, when possible, use may be made of school plants for student-related activities. Priority will be given to school district activities, then to recreation programming, then to traveling teams and master level special Olympics and then to community and public activities.

Community-based groups may be assessed appropriate fees. Facility use charging schedules shall be approved by the Board of Education.

All requests for use of building shall be directed to the Recreation.

Patrons wishing to use rural school facilities should contact the rural principal.

The Board of Trustees of the school district reserves the right to make final decisions concerning the use of facilities.

The Board may require the renting organization to assume all liability for injury or damage to individuals or property and to indemnify and hold harmless the Board, the employees of the school district, and the school district from any loss or damage. In the case of large groups for which admission will be charged, the Board may further request proof of liability insurance. The person, group or organization requesting use of the school facilities shall observe all fire and safety regulations. In addition, groups or persons utilizing school facilities shall comply with all school district policies, specifically including, but not limited to, school district policies preventing use or possession of alcohol, drugs or tobacco while on school premises. Additional rules or regulations or requirement may be specified at any time by the district or school officials.

Permission for use of district facilities does not constitute a district endorsement of any organization, the beliefs of an organization or group, nor the expression of any opinion regarding the nomination, retention, election or defeat of any candidate or the expression of any opinion as to the passage or defeat of any issue.

Individual groups and organizations using school facilities are responsible to clean up and leave the facility in the same condition that it was prior to use. Principals or their designee will evaluate the condition of the facility both before and after its use. Failure to clean up after use may result in denial of further use.

Consumable supplies and materials are not available for public use without approval of the principal and payment of a fee to cover the costs. School lunch commodities may not be donated or sold for use by the public.

Video, computer, electronic, sound, or other technical equipment shall not be utilized outside of the school facilities without written authorization from the principal or superintendent and may be utilized only on school premises when operated by a person knowledgeable and trained in its use. All such use must be specifically approved by the building administrator prior to its use and an additional charge may be assessed for the use of such equipment when deemed appropriate by the superintendent or his designee. Charging schedules for use of equipment shall be approved by the Board of Education.

Whenever food is prepared in the kitchen and served at the school, a cook who regularly works in that kitchen must be present. The cook need not be present if food is carried in and served.

Because the facilities are funded by taxpayer dollars, private for-profit businesses, corporations, organizations or persons will not be permitted to utilize the school facilities for business purposes. Permission to utilize facilities on school holidays when employees are not available to open up buildings, etc. may be denied. In the event it is necessary to pay any school employee overtime or extra pay due to holidays, weekend use, or after normal work hour use, an additional fee may be charged.

The Board of Trustees reserves the right to refuse approval or to cancel any and all permits issued for the use of school buildings or its facilities when it is deemed that such action is necessary for the best interests of the district.

School district facilities are not intended to replace the use of other facilities by outside groups on a regular basis. Outside groups may be denied multiple uses of facilities (whether single or multiple day) within any one thirty day period.