Guaranteed & Viable Curriculum

Our guaranteed and viable curriculum (GVC) delineates the curricular framework for our standards-referenced teaching and learning and is defined as (DuFour et al., 2016, pg 113-126):
  • Guaranteed: gives students access to the same essential learning outcomes regardless of who is teaching the class
  • Viable: well-articulated set of knowledge and skills that every child should learn in grades K-12 that can be taught for understanding in the time available.
In Converse County School District #1, the GVC is delivered through a standards-aligned system mapped by priority standards and proficiency scales. The priority standards articulate the knowledge and skills for each grade level and content area. The proficiency scales define the learning outcomes and mastery levels for each priority standard.
CCSD #1 is responsible for the Wyoming Adopted Standards. In addition, some content areas utilize content specific national standards.  Standards have specific identifiers in our curriculum repository:
priority District priority standards
District supporting standards
Wyoming performance standards
To view the units of instruction and standards taught in each course, browse our curriculum repository:
Click the allcurriculum button to browse courses and standards.  It is important to note that in elementary or rural schools, the GVC may not be tied to a course.  For example, science standards may be taught in a STEM course, or social studies standards taught in literacy units.
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