Scholarship Opportunities

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**Due Dates are subject to change from year to year, so check frequently. 
Last Updated 12/11/2021*

Local Scholarships are updated each January.

Many of these scholarships are in Word Documents, to edit the application you must save your own copy first. Go to FILE, SAVE AS to edit your applications. 

A Few Scholarship Search Engines:

Due in October

Coca-Cola Scholarship, Due October 31st. Check out the scholarship links at the bottom of this page!!!

Honorary Cowboy Award, nomination required for K-12 students, due Oct 31st.

STARR Scholarship, Full ride scholarship to the University of Michigan, BEFORE Nov 1st!

Due in November

Prudential Spirit of Community Awards, Due Nov 10th

Hispanic Heritage Awards, minimum unweighted 3.0 GPA. Due Nov 14th.
Elks Scholarship, Due Nov 15th

Daniel's Fund Scholarship, ACT of 18 on each subsection, need-based, Due Nov 15th (Extended to Nov 20th in 2021)

Jack Kent Cooke Scholarship, GPA 3.5 & ACT 26+, Nov 18th.

PEO Star Scholarships, for women with at least a 3.0, Due Nov 30th.
Seattle University's Sullivan Leadership Award must attend Seattle U, Due Nov 30th

Due in December

Hagan Scholarship Foundation, Due Dec 1st

Wyoming Association of Secondary School Principals Scholarship,

Dell Scholars Program, GPA 2.4, Due Dec 10th.

Jefferson Scholars, must attend the University of Virginia and be nominated, Due Dec 1st.

Burger King Scholarship, Due Dec 15th

AXA Achievement Scholarship, Due Dec 15th


Due in January
National Wild Turkey Federation Scholarship, must be a member, GPA 3.0, Due Jan 1st

Danforth Scholars Program must attend Washington University, Due Jan 4th
Wyoming Water Well Scholarship, GPA 2.0, Due Jan 4th

Wyoming Mensa Scholarship, Due Jan 15th

FFA Scholarships, Due Jan 14th
Washington Crossing Foundation, for a career in government service, Due Jan 15th

Coolidge Scholarship, full-ride to any accredited US college or university, Jan 19th of 11th grade

National Society Daughters of the American Revolution, Due Jan 31st

Due in February

Rocky Mountain Section of the Society of Women Engineers Scholarship for freshman planning to enroll in an ABET accredited program for engineering or computer science, Due Feb 1st

Wyoming School Resource Officer Association Scholarship, for a degree in education, law, or any related field at any community college or university in WY, due Feb 1st.

SME Education Foundation Scholarship, must be pursuing a degree in engineering related to manufacturing, GPA 3.0, Due Feb 1st

American Chemical Society Scholarship, Wyoming Section, for students majoring in a chemistry field at UW, Due Feb 1st

Elks National Foundation Scholarships Programsany child or grandchild (or step-child, step-grandchild, or legal ward) of a living Elk, Due Feb 7th

Al Neuharth Free Spirit and Journalism Conference, the conference is June 14-20, 2019, juniors pursuing a degree in journalism, Due Feb 1st

Chenoa Fund Scholarship must write a 500+ word essay, Feb 1st
American Legion Oratorical Contest Scholarship, DHS Auditorium, Early February

Wyoming Trucking Scholarship, planning a career in the transportation industry in Wyoming, the application is in the counseling office, Due Feb 5th

The Enterprise Photography Scholarship Must submit a photo in the Platte River Photography show, GPA 3.0, Due Feb 13th Platte River Photography Entry Form

Hispanic Scholarship Fund, minimum unweighted 3.0 GPA. Due Feb 14th.

Wyoming State 4-H Foundation, Due Feb 15th

Troy Yost Scholarship, planning to major in art in Wyoming, Due Feb 15th
Georgene Hager Scholarship, Converse County only, GPA 2.5, Due Feb 15th
Walter Urbigkit Scholarship, planning to major in aviation, Due Feb 15th
Wyoming Auctioneers Association Scholarship, GPA 2.5, Due Feb 15th

UW Alumni Association Scholarships, Alumni status not required, Due Feb 15th
WAO Scholarship Must be emailed or postmarked by Feb 24th.

National Youth Science Camp, covers expenses for a month-long science camp in West Virginia, dates are tentatively set for June 27 - July 20, 2019, Due February 28th

Due in March 

Lauren P. Miller Scholarship, for nursing students, Due March 1st
Walter Urbigkit Scholarship, for students entering the field of aviation, Due March 1st.

SEG Scholarships, for students majoring in geophysics or related earth sciences, Due March 1st

Kaiser Foundation Scholarship, Due to the Counseling Office by March 1st
Working Ranch Cowboy Foundation Scholarship, for working ranch cowboys, GPA 3.0, Due March 1st
Wyoming Game Wardens Association Scholarship, Due March 1st
Wyoming Elks Scholarships, (3 available including a vocational scholarship) Due March 1st
Dick Cheney Scholarship, preference to students w/ parent who was in Navy, Merchant Marines, or Coast Guard, due March 1st

Wyoming Farm Bureau Scholarships, for children of Farm Bureau members, students 18 years or older as of March 1st must hold their own active Wyoming Farm Bureau Federation membership, Postmarked by March 1st

NILE Foundation Scholarship, must have participated in NILE activities and be currently enrolled in a 4-H or FFA program, GPA 2.5, Due March 4

High Plains Power Scholarship, for students whose parents are members, GPA 2.5, Due March 15th. *scholarship application not updated as of 12/11/2021*

Horatio Alger Scholarship, for students with financial need, due March 15th. Open to juniors only!

BPX Energy Scholarship Program, For students majoring in STEM fields, Due Feb 15th

Wyoming Rural Water Foundation Scholarship, priority given to water/wastewater/environmental-related studies, Due March 15th 

UW Alumni Association Scholarships, due March 15th 
Society of Automotive Engineers, for students majoring in engineering, Due March 15th.
Wyoming Council of the Blind, based on visual acuity, GPA 2.0, Due March 15th *website not updated as of 1/25/2020*

UW Clifford C. Hatch Memorial Scholarship, GPA 3.0, for chemistry majors Due March 15th

UW Hatch Scientific Foundation Chemistry Teacher Scholarship, GPA 3.0, students planning on being a chemistry teacher, Due Mar 15th

Wyoming High School Rodeo Scholarships, Due March 15th, 21st, and 31st *website not updated as of 1/25/2020*

BPX Energy Scholarship, pursuing a STEM major with an emphasis in the energy industry at UW and Wyoming community colleges or the Colorado School of Mines, March 15th

Wyoming Weed and Pest Council Scholarship Wyoming resident pursuing a degree related to agriculture or natural resources, Due March 19th *website not updated as of 12/11/2021*

WAESS Scholarship, Due March 30th
Lighthouse Guild, must be legally blind, Due March 31st
Nissan of Casper Awards, GPA 3.5 & ACT 24, Due March 31st

Due in April 

Converse County Farm Bureau Scholarship, for children of Farm Bureau members, Due April 1st

Rocky Mountain Wash Scholarship, Must be received by April 1st 

ARMA Wyoming Vicki Carroll Memorial Scholarship Fund, for ARMA Wyoming members, Due April 1st

Central Wyoming Section of SME,GPA 3.0, majoring in physical science, math, or engineering, due April 5th. Scholarship factsThis Scholarship deadline has been extended to June 15th!

Adeline Neilson Scholarship, See form at the bottom of this page for application, Due April 13th *not updated as of 1/25/2020*

Wyoming Wool Growers Scholarship, Ag majors or have an Ag background, GPA 2.5, Due April 15th
Rocky Mountain Suppliers Group Scholarships, for students in a mining-related field, Due April 15th
Daleray Madewell Scholarship, for students interested in aviation, Due April 15th- we have apps in the scholarship book
National Dairy Shrine Scholarships, for Ag related majors, Due April 15th

GFWC-W Mary N. Brooks Scholarship must attend a Wyoming University, College, or any licensed, vocational, or trade school located in WY, due April 15th.

GFWC-W Ruth Clare Yonkee Scholarship must attend a Wyoming University, College, or any licensed, vocational, or trade school located in WY, due April 15th.

Douvas Memorial Scholarship, for first-generation Americans attending UW or a Wyoming Community College, Due April 30th

Due in May

Blue Collar Backbone Scholarship, for Converse Co seniors entering a trade school or heading directly to the workforce, Due May 1st

Distinguished Young Women of Wyoming, Due May 1st

Dar Hackworth Lineworker, Scholarship, Due May 1st
Adkins Lineman Scholarship, for lineman or electricians, Due May 1st 

Society of Women Engineers, for female engineering students, Due May 1st
Grand Lodge of Wyoming, GPA 2.0, Due May 1st

Wyoming Elks Angels Scholarship, students that are the child, adopted child, or step-child or a Wyoming Veteran who lost his/her life in the "War on Terror." Due May 10th

American Petroleum Institute, for a Wyoming resident, must be postmarked by May 15th
Vicki Carroll Memorial Scholarship, for business majors, Due May 15th

Glen Legler Scholarship, due May 20th
AEF Architecture Scholarship, for students majoring in architecture, Due May 21st
Wyoming LDS Scholarship, due May 15th

Architectural Education Foundation of AIA Wyoming Scholarship, Due May 20th

Central Wyoming Chapter of The Wyoming Society of Professional Engineers (WySPE-CWC), Engineer majors, Postmarked or emailed by May 24th.

Due in June

American Indian Scholarships, must be 1/4 Native American and enrolled in a tribe, Due June 1st
High Plains OCIA Scholarship, for Ag majors, Due June 1st
District 5440 Rotary Scholarship, Due June 8th

Gilly Fales Fine Art Award, art major, Due June 10th

Central Wyoming Section of SME, GPA 3.0, majoring in physical science, math, or engineering, due April 5th. Scholarship factsThis Scholarship deadline has been extended to June 15th for 2020!
Zip-recruiter Scholarship, Due June 30th

Due in July

Blue Collar Backbone Scholarship, for Converse Co seniors entering a trade school or heading directly to the workforce, Due May 1st - Extended to July 1st for 2020!.

Horatio Alger Association Career and Technical Scholarship, students enrolling in Career and Technical Education programs, income-based due July 15th. 
Hawthorn Foundation Scholarships, need-based, Due July 31st
Wyoming Peace Officers Scholarship, majoring in law enforcement or have a parent active in the Association, Due July 1st
Lauren P. Miller Scholarship - Any Wyoming resident enrolling in a Registered Apprenticeship Program Due July 1st

Due in August

Boys and Girls Club of Douglas ContinuingED Scholarship Must be in a returning college student in good standing with the Club. Commitment to working the entire summer program including the training week. Due Aug 16th.


Open Year-Round 

WREA Lineman's Scholarship interested in a career in the electric industry