Kindergarten Enrollment 2022-2023

Converse #1 uses a comprehensive enrollment process for incoming kindergarten students.  This process familiarizes your child with school, gives teachers vital information to meet your child's needs, and ensures the district meets all statutory requirements and WDE rules. The steps include:

  • Kindergarten Round-up: The process the Primary School uses to get all incoming kindergarten students enrolled for the upcoming school year. By pre-enrolling your child, the school has the vital information in order to prepare and communicate with families before school begins.
  • Kindergarten Screening: This process asks parents/guardians to bring their incoming kindergarten student for a short kindergarten screening to include academic and social skills knowledge.  The parent/guardians also participate in a short interview so the school can develop a greater understanding of the child.  
  • Jumpstart: This is a FREE preparatory program for all incoming kindergarten students.  The program takes place in July before school starts and students learn the rules and expectations for being a new kindergartener.  Students are given free snacks and lunch during the weeklong camp where they meet the kindergarten teachers and other support staff within the school. 

Click the links to the left to learn about our optional Bearcat Buddies or Country Cubs programs.  In addition, learn more about our rural school themes open to any Converse #1 students!

To begin the enrollment process, follow the steps below to fill out the online pre-enrollment packet.  The enrollment may be filled out on any mobile device or computer. Computers are available at your child's school if needed.  

Please be aware that the Enrollment portal is NOT the Parent PowerSchool portal, and does not use the same login information. Follow the directions below for instructions on completing registrations.

You will need the following information to complete the registration:

  • Medical insurance information (company name and policy number).
  • Medicaid information (if any).
  • Contact information for all legal parents or guardians.
  • Contact information for any emergency contacts.
  • Addresses for bus pickup (if any). After school transportation must be identified which will allow staff to prepare transportation tags for the first day of school, this allows the district to safely return your child every day after school.
  • New/kindergarten students only: picture or PDF of the legal birth certificate for the child*. Note: The registration can be filled out on your mobile device, and you can upload a photo from your phone. Or you can take a picture on your phone, email it to yourself, save it and upload it when completing the registration online.

*Under the McKinney-Vento Homeless Act, qualifying families are eligible to enroll their child in school without a birth certificate. If assistance is needed, please call Penny Hawk, McKinney-Vento homeless coordinator at (307) 358-6187.

Click one of the following links to enroll your kindergarten student:



PowerSchool Enrollment Support
  • PowerSchool Enrollment provides comprehensive support to assist families in accessing and completing online forms.
  • Families can utilize PowerSchool Enrollment Support if they are having difficulty accessing a form, are unable to log in to their account, have forgotten their password, are having technical issues with a form, or if a form has been linked to the wrong user account.
  • PowerSchool Enrollment Support, including Chat Support, can be accessed here.

There are certain situations where it is appropriate for district tech support to provide families with the assistance they require. These situations include:

  • Interpretation of questions (How should I fill this out?)
  • Changing submitted information
  • The user never received or misplaced a snapcode
  • The user's record is On Hold
  • Incorrect information within read-only fields

You can contact Theresa Jackson at (307) 359-4099 or email at [email protected] to ask any general questions about the form or the process.

Frequently asked questions:

Q: Why do families need to create a PowerSchool Enrollment account?

A: Most PowerSchool Enrollment solutions are multiple-page forms that require families to create an account, though there are certain cases with single page forms where no account is needed. Having a secure account ensures the security of the information and allows families to save their progress and return to complete a form at a later date or access the confirmation page of a submitted form.

Q: Why do families need an email address to create their account?

A: Email is used for all major communications between PowerSchool Enrollment and the family. These communications include the new account creation email and the submission confirmation email, among others.

Q: What are the ways a family can obtain a new password?'

A: Retrieving a password can be done either online or by contacting the PowerSchool Enrollment Support Team directly.

  • To retrieve a password online, the family can select the 'Forgot password?' link on the Account Sign In screen. From there they must enter the account's associated Email Address. They will then be able to either recover a temporary password sent to their account's email address, or they can choose to answer their security questions online and immediately enter a new password.
  • For support over the phone, the PowerSchool Enrollment Support team will be able to send the "Forgot Password" link to the account's email address, or, after answering the security questions, will be able to change the password on the account. For security and privacy reasons the PowerSchool Enrollment Support team does not have access to current passwords.

Q: What if a family forgot or cannot access the email address associated with their account?

A: At this time there is no "Forgot Email?" link on the Account Sign In screen. Users will need to click "Forgot password?" and try to reset their password with a potentially linked email address. If the user enters an email that is associated with a PowerSchool Enrollment account, they will proceed to step two of the password recovery process.

The PowerSchool Enrollment Support team may be able to assist the user in locating which email domain was used (Example: I see the student is tied to a Gmail email account). If this does not assist the user in remembering which email address was used, the PowerSchool Enrollment Support team may ask the user to create a new account.

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