Instructional Framework

The CCSD #1 Instructional Framework defines the most effective instructional strategies...those that accelerate student learning.

  1. Clear learning goals are posted and/or communicated; lesson directly correlates to the learning target; students know what is expected of them.
  2. Students know whether they will be successful or not on assignments; there is evidence that students track their own progress on learning.
  3. Teacher provides informative feedback to students on what they have done correctly and how they can improve and make progress toward meeting specific criteria.
  4. Teacher is highly organized in the presentation of the subject matter; understands content; speaks powerfully and passionately avoiding verbal hesitancies and fillers; reduces distance between teacher and students by moving away from barriers (e.g., desk, podiums); manages classroom behavior; cares about students and their learning progress.
  5. Students take advantage of multiple opportunities to demonstrate learning; instructional strategies focus on higher order thinking, critical thinking, real-world application, and problem-solving.
  6. Students actively engage with the content; new information is linked to prior knowledge; students take notes, use manipulatives, use graphic organizers; students are asked to recall information; analogies are used.
  7. Various levels of questioning are evident; students independently practice skills.
  8. Students apply general principles to specific problems; students generalize their learning beyond the particular topic or task at hand; students apply previously learned knowledge and skills; students engage in problem solving.
  9. Uses a variety of formative assessment techniques; assesses learning progress before or during the learning process itself; instruction is adjusted as a result of formative results.
  10. Teacher crafts a question or series of questions to prompt focused discussion, all or most students engage in the discussion in a safe learning environment, and students learn from each other.
  11. Instruction is aligned with the district guaranteed and viable curriculum, and teachers provide students with the instruction and support to achieve the intended learning targets.
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