Pre-enrollment is held in early in the spring semester. Options for students include concurrent credit classes through DHS and EWC. Options for Seniors include up to one block (incentive earned through ACT scores), internship, and others. Seniors are eligible to participate in Educational or Business Internships.  We try our best to give everyone their first preferences with regard to class selection, but because of conflicts, it is sometimes not possible to honor all requests.

There is an 8th grade evening devoted to informing parents and students about high school pre-enrollment. Department Heads are all present to speak about their class offerings, and Mr. Mackey also speaks about high school in general.

Recommended class sequences are as follows:


At Douglas High School, we realize that having future goals and developing a plan to reach them is important. A four-year educational guideline can assist students in visualizing the path they need to follow to reach their goals. Students might ask themselves what they plan to do after high school graduation, or what they would like to be ten years from now. With those questions in mind, they should list the high school course that will help them reach their goals. Listed below are the required classes. Together with electives the total equals 24 credits. Some electives not listed (Fine Arts) also have standards to be met. Please refer to the course description book for more information. For the class of 2020 and beyond Personal Finance will be a required class.

Grade 9

  1. English 9
  2. Integrated Science 1
  3. Civics I and World Geography
  4. Algebra I or Geometry
  5. PE 1/Health
  6. Spanish 1 (To meet Hathaway Requirements)
  7. Elective- Try Something New!
  8. Elective 

Grade 10

  1. English 10
  2. Integrated Science 2
  3. Western Civilization (One Semester)
  4. Geometry or Algebra II
  5. Computer Tech (One Semester)
  6. Spanish 2 (For Hathaway)
  7. Elective
  8. Elective

Grade 11

  1. English 11 
  2. US History to 1865 & US History from 1865
  3. Chemistry or Environmental Science
  4. Algebra 2, Algebra 3, or Pre-Calculus
  5. Elective
  6. Elective 
  7. Elective

Grade 12

  1. Senior English or College English
  2. American Government
  3. Personal Finance
  4. Electives for the rest of the time unless requirements need to be made up.
  5. Continuing concurrent credits is highly recommended.
  6. Upper levels of math and science are strongly encouraged if college-bound.
  7. Business and Educational Internships are available for Seniors.
  8. One block may be earned based on ACT Scores.
  • See eligibility criteria in the activity handbook.
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