Personal Leave information

Personal Leave Regulation: 

A day to be used at the discretion of an eligible employee. Two days of personal leave may be granted each year to all eligible.

Eligible employees may accumulate up to ten personal days.

  1. Eligible Employees may be paid a maximum of two personal days per year at the current certified substitute rate.
  2. Personal days may be transferred to sick leave at end of the school year.   
  3. Eligible employees will be allowed to exchange three (3) accumulated sick leave days for one (1) personal day.  Employees cannot exchange one personal day for three sick leave days.  At no time will the employee’s accumulated sick leave be allowed to drop below thirty (30) for the purpose of exchange. 
Personal leave shall not be used to extend an existing school calendar holiday except in very important and unusual circumstances.  In these cases, the leave is subject to (1) submission of the request (in writing with reasons) to the supervisor at least two weeks in advance of the requested leave day, (2) approval of the supervisor, and (3) availability of an adequate substitute.  In case of an emergency, the supervisor may waive the two-week notice.  The scheduling of any personal leave must be approved by the employee's immediate supervisor.
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