Areas of Focus

2023-24 Focus

Certified Staff

Become a high-functioning PLC system:

 Focus Areas Action Steps Rationale
Collaborative culture: clearly defined conditions for the PLC system. Engage in professional learning to improve the PLC system utilizing the Learning by Doing book as a framework.              Collective efficacy (D=1.57) is the foundation of our instructional cycle.
Focus on learning: comprehensive K-12 instructional cycle. K-12 vertical content team collaboration.
Implement, monitor and adjust the guaranteed and viable curriculum in response to data from the district assessment system.

NOTE: Converse #1 is developing in MTSS Framework Playbook to ensure a systemic approach to instructional response.
Results orientation: focus on K-12 student outcomes (achievement, engagement, #LifeReady). Marzano Research 5D data process training.

Instructional playbook learning.
Implement a high-quality, standards aligned, evidence-based instructional response that results in high levels of achievement for all students.  

NOTE: Converse #1 is developing and Instructional Framework Playbook to provide evidence-based instructional strategies to teachers.
K-3 literacy: Effective upon final approval, rules governed by W.S 21-3-401 mandate that each school district provide professional development to all employees providing instruction in kindergarten through grade three. This professional development must include:


  • Evidence-based literacy instruction and intervention
  • Identifying the signs of reading difficulties including but not limited to dyslexia.
Professional learning as determined by building & district needs assessments and aligned to the reading competencies. Wyoming Department of Education Literacy Resources and Guidance.

NOTE: Converse #1 is developing a district literacy framework that will define the collective commitments and processes for literacy.


Classified Staff

 Focus Areas Action Steps Rationale
Collaborative culture: positive climate. Engage in professional learning around positive culture.
  • Live Your Excellence training
  • Road to Awesome training.
Collective efficacy (D=1.57) is the foundation of our climate and culture.
Create, improve, and evaluate system programs and processes: ongoing work on department efficiencies and effectiveness. Department team process work.
  • Priority training is defined by departments.
  • Departments provide focused training.
Highly-effective organizations objectively track and compare their performance on processes.
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